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September 4, 2013

New bolts and hardware

by jmoss in News

Our hatches are made to be durable and functional.  We seldom get these requests, but have just completed a set for a client.  This client had 5 of our hatches in his boat that were made in 2000.  These 13 year old hatches had some wear but were in great shape overall.  His problem was that some of the washers around the bolts were cracked and causing leakage.  We freshened up his hatches with new bolts, washers, sleeves and dogs to hopefully last him another 13 years or more….  While in our shop, we also installed new gaskets as well.  We will shortly be putting these parts in our regular stock, but if you have such a request, you can contact your local dealer, or we can send some pieces down to your local dealer for you.

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