Built with the same marine grade anodized aluminum as our dogging style hatch, AGILE Quick Release Hatches offer a ¼ turn, single action mechanism for easy access. They offer stainless steel corrosive resistant dogs that are adjustable, allowing you to exert more pressure if needed, as well as adjustable seal pressure.

  • 1/4 turn single dog mechanism provides quick and easy access
  • Our locks have the advantage of being adjustable, allowing you to apply more pressure as needed
  • In the event that the hatch gets damaged, all moving parts are replaceable, allowing you to save on replacement cost
  • Moving parts are engineered to not require yearly maintenance
  • Available inside handle kit allows you to use the hatch as an emergency exit and increases the safety. (Sold separately)

All of our hatches are tested to not leak in our facility prior to packaging and shipping.  A solid installation is necessary to ensure you don’t get any perimeter leaks. Click here to view our installation instructions.

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Flush-mounted design


Replaceable double-lip EPDM gasket with adhesive backing


Single-turn mechanism


Stainless steel corrosive resistant dog

AGILE Quick Release Hatches Specs

Model Clear Opening Cover Deck Cut-Out Over Deck Flange
AGILE-1212 9″ x 9″ 11-3/4’’x11-3/4’’ 12-1/4’’x12-1/4’’ 15-1/4’’x15-1/4’’
AGILE-1624 13″ x 21″ 15-3/4’’x23-3/4’’ 16-1/4’’x24-1/4’’ 19-1/4’’x27-1/4’’
AGILE-2030 17″ x 27″ 19-3/4’’x29-3/4’’ 20-1/4’’x30-1/4’’ 23-1/4’’x33-1/4’’
AGILE-2424 21″ x 21″ 23-3/4’’x23-3/4’’ 24-1/4x’’24-1/4’’ 27-1/4’’x27-1/4’’
AGILE-2430 21″ x 27″ 23-3/4’’x29-3/4’’ 24-1/4’’x30-1/4’’ 27-1/4’’x33-1/4’’
AGILE-2436 21″ x 33″ 23-3/4’’x35-3/4’’ 24-1/4’’x36-1/4’’ 27-1/4’’x39-1/4’’
AGILE-2448 21″ x 45″ 23-3/4’’x47-3/4’’ 24-1/4’’x48-1/4’’ 27-1/4’’x51-1/4’’
AGILE-WRENCH 18″ Long with 1 1/2″ Socket
HANDLE KIT Handle Kit, allows for opening from the inside, includes handle and jam nut