Propeller Shafts are machined to precise specifications. Made of the finest stainless steel, they are precision straightened, ground and polished

Aqualoy 22

Aqualoy 22 boat shafting is the best material for pleasure boats. It has a corrosion resistance better than any other boat shafting material, even better than most high-nickel alloys. Aqualoy 22 boat shafting provides a yield strength  in torsion up to 3 and a half times better then most boat shaft now used, plus excellent toughness. Special processing controls provide consistently high-quality Aqualoy 22 boat shafts that are precision straightend, centerless ground and polished to exact marine tolerances.

Our in-house machine shop can also key your new shaft and provide you with a bronze propeller nut.

Priced according to dimensions.